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Researchers developed a detector portable DNA to connect to your smartphone

DNA and RNA measurements possible with a smartphone, the project of the University of California offers huge savings compared to traditional analysis.

At the University of California in Los Angeles, it has been realized an amazing project. Now the technological development does not surprise us more and even allows us to make measurements DNA with the simple aid of a smartphone. Sounds strange, but it’s just that the project developed by UCLA researchers.

UCLA researchers developed a detector portable DNA to connect to your smartphone

It was developed a portable device that will allow investigators to track down DNA molecules and RNA , all without having to go to analytical studies. An invention that could be very useful to police forces around the world, we discover together what it is.

Retrace RNA and DNA with your smartphone

We have said for investigation of applications, but many more would be possible with the DNA detector designed by the team of the University of California. Just think of the use in the diagnostic field as regards infectious diseases, inherited genetic conditions or treatment of cancer.

UCLA detector smartphone DNA

It is usually very costly analysis, as pointed out by UCLA, the main challenge was to provide a solution low cost to such complex challenges. Small changes of light emitted by the molecules associated with the DNA, referred to as intercalating agents , are used to identify the extension of DNA, it is, however, unstable elements and subject to change too quickly for the common chamber of a smartphone.

The team of scientists has discovered, however, an additive that stabilizes the intercalating agents, dramatically amplifying the fluorescent signal thus making the test possible with a simple smartphone. It also developed an accessory connected to the camera via a smartphone. The intercalating agents shine and appear on the screen immediately.

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