Reprint-able new paper format created by Taiwanese researchers

Reprint-able new paper format created by Taiwanese researchers

There are many companies that are concerned about the environment and the indiscriminate felling of forests and making their conscious creations in lower levels of pollution of the planet. Some recycle old objects and others create gadgets with low power consumption, only to mention in this case, a group of Taiwanese researchers created a new paper format.

Reprint-able new paper format created by Taiwanese researchers

They specified, this product is absolutely environmentally friendly, can erase and reuse many times that we want to. The good thing about the i2R is printed with heat, not with electronic ink, what makes it even more “green”. Still not much is known of the specifications above all of how much heat will need to leave the mark of the text. What if you already know is that this Thermo paper can be reused more than 250 times without losing its ability.

On the other hand, since Taiwan confirmed that newly in two years we will be able to have it available in stores. But not everything is roses, because that is not reported if the process of creating i2R this will require more resources than needed to make plain paper. We refer to water, electricity, trees, etc. Do not use ink but heat, likely that printers temperatures are higher and spend more electricity.

Why would have to see what are the benefits and disadvantages, put them in the scales and then decide whether it is appropriate to do so, especially at the level environment.

This new electronic paper, the i2R e-paper seems not to require electrodes or direct current to print, closer it even to the traditional role, at least in the concept of the word. The thermal printer is similar to faxes and paper will have a sheet of plastic with a coverage of liquid crystal. The cost of e-paper will be around two dollars per unit.

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