Redmi AirDots: Xiaomi launches the cheap version of its own cheap version of the AirPods

Redmi AirDots wireless buds

Xiaomi is not a company that focuses solely on the world of smartphones, but it does not close doors, and makes your business have different ways through which you can get profit, a complicated strategy, but that is giving you fruits to the company.

Now, the company has launched the Redmi AirDots, a cheap version of its AirPods-style wireless headphones, which is trying to dominate the cheapest segment of Bluetooth headphones with a devastating price.

Redmi AirDots: the cheapest wireless headphones from Xiaomi

The new Redmi AirDots are independent wireless headphones that, for around 15 euros to change, are able to offer us a range of 4 hours of reproduction – which can reach 12 if we load them with their case – and which are also ideal for making sport for its light weight of 4.1 grams.

One of the great virtues with which these headphones have is that we can control them by gestures, without having to press any button, simply by pressing on its surface once to pause or resume playback, or by doing a double tap to wake up Google Assistant or Siri.

These will be available on April 9 in China – and we hope they will also arrive in Europe – for a price of 15 euros to the change, which, simply, seems ideal for all those users who want to try independent Bluetooth headsets, but not They want to spend a lot of money.

After all, one of the things that most users look for in certain products is that their price is good in relation to the experience offered by that type of products, and this is something that Xiaomi uses to their advantage so that their products are cheaper than your competitors. Although it draws attention that these new Redmi AirDots are the same as their Xiaomi AirDots Youth Edition , which cost almost double.


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