RaiPlay Finally arrives on the Smart TV

The broadcasts of Renzo Arbore, four films for television signed by Dario Argento before Deep Red , historical dramas Rai, all-weather Coliandro , if someone if she lost. Are some of the content provided by RaiPlay for smart TV.

The new digital application of the public service is ready to get on televisions connected to the network with MHP software. When tuned to a channel Rai – that throughout the navigational status of the app will remain in the background – a blue sticker on the right of the screen will indicate the ability to access different groups of content (the menu is made up of five vertical dots). They range from a selection of the flagship programs of the selected channel , a general catalog of Rai content (you can move easily with the remote control also supply other channels), in The Fabulous , the section curated by Teche Rai, certainly among the most fascinating.

On RaiPlay for televisions you can also navigate by choosing as a criterion the days of the week: “We have no rush to get you back on linear television – explains Gian Paolo Tagliavia, Director Rai Digital- We stopped to ask ourselves the question” but that’s tv or internet? “We think the content.” So, it’s on-demand or live, if it is signed Rai, okay. The important thing is to be seen.

Using RaiPlay not affect the vision of linear channels (those in direct), which are visible in the background.

“When I said that it was necessary to give value in return for the fee, also mean that, offer more and more things that were within the perimeter,” echoed the Director General of Rai Antonio Campo Dall’Orto, in whose speeches still do not miss the words “digital literacy”. Compared to what some of the major broadcasters, but also Ott, Rai has not thought of a separation between content of the linear and digital television, although for now, the publishers remain the channels, while RaiPlay is a publisher a bit ‘ particular ( “but it is said that things do not change in the future,” added).

Meanwhile, good news, for the RaiPlay application, which last September replaced the previous RaiTv and was downloaded 4 million times. The offer consumer Rai online has increased by 74% , and the user base has increased by 50%. In the first two months of the new site and app activities (1 October to 30 November) were recorded 7.5 million content views, from 15 million different devices. 85 Instead, the minutes spent on offering RaiPlay, against 70 minutes on the same two months of 2015.

Are the fiction that has been most interest in the first place A doctor in the family , (6195361 display of content), followed by the pupil and red bracelets (over 5 million each) and R occo Schiavone , in seventh place. The historical soap of RAI-3, A Place in the Sun is in fifth place, preceded by The Doctors . As such show in sixth place, Beijing Express eighth, What time does the ninth and tonight at home Mika tenth.


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