Android vs Windows Phone vs iOS mobile platforms

The most direct competitor is iOS Android, the operating system of the iPhone

It’s no secret that Android is one of the most popular mobile platforms and valued by users. The green robot operating system is present in many smartphones and tablets and it is no coincidence that many manufacturers choose this platform… Continue Reading


The supercomputer that identifies cats

Google supercomputer artificial brain

It is a system created by Google, of 16 000 nuclei, which can recognize the whole body of a cat, plus faces and bodies of people, using Youtube videos. The most used search engine giant of the network has created… Continue Reading


What are the reasons for the overheating of the new iPad

overheating of the new iPad

The new iPad has already made itself heard. And not only for its merits. A defect was immediately found. While on the one hand you have the ability to connect to next-generation 4G networks and have a Retina display very… Continue Reading


The gadget and software for healthcare

Wii Fit Plus can burn calories and above all

These gadgets and software for healthcare can help you in every moment of your lives, as well as when you want to exercise and look good. Some healthcare device even serve to prevent or detect diseases early and to live… Continue Reading


Why The New iPad and not iPad 3 or iPad HD?

The New iPad and not iPad 3 or iPad HD

The presentation of Apple’s new tablet has certainly surprised about one thing: the name. Everyone expected something definite. iPad 3 and iPad HD were two options recommended by the rumors until a few days ago. But Tim Cook began the… Continue Reading


Fujitsu Arrows Kiss F-03D, smartphone for modern women

Fujitsu, Arrows Kiss F-03D, smartphone for modern women

Like men, women seeking to have the latest technology, but unlike them, we seek a detail that differentiates you from the rest. That’s why stylish designs and attractive colors gadgets delivered for the female users. This time it is Fujitsu… Continue Reading