Pro e-Motorbike: bike made from Formula 1

Pro e-Motorbike: bike made from Formula 1

Released in 2009 in Berlin, e-Motorbike Grace shifts into high gear. The first version was given to superlatives, we bet it will be the same with the Pro version that the German automaker has just presented.

Hybrid of a bicycle and a motorcycle, e-Pro Motorbike can operate at a speed exceeding 45 km/h. Just like the old version, e-Pro Motorbike is handmade from pieces of the Eurofighter aircraft and parts of Formula 1. Its lightweight and virtually indestructible frame is manufactured with an aluminum alloy. At the handlebars, you can control the lights, the electric battery, the alarm system and many other features that distinguish it from other bikes. The cyclist can pedal or use the electric motor at the rear wheel. This engine power 1.3 kilowatts gives a range of 50 km after one hour of charging.

Pro e-Motorbike: bike made from Formula 1

Hecken Michael and Karl-Heinz Nicolai are the two designers behind this two-wheelers not only powerful but ecological. It is available on order only at the price of 7400 €.


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