Pioneer VMS-550 wireless speaker to replace integrated TV speakers

Whenever you think of the prototype of the average user of technology, as usual, think those sectors which have a range of special needs. Consider, for example televisions and people with hearing problems. We always put the screen a few feet away to look good, and always rely on the integrated speakers.

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Pioneer wants to bring the sound to such public with its new wireless speaker. Thus, you can put VMS-550 wireless speaker anywhere in the room easily and not having to rely on the built in speakers come with the TV.
Pioneer Europe announces a wireless speaker, a voice monitoring receiver and headphones for use with TVs

Main features of the VMS-550 wireless speaker

  • Wirelessly transmits TV sound
  • “VOICE BOOST” function
  • High-quality sound
  • Easy charging
  • Interchangeable frequencies
  • Well thought-out

Besides functioning as Speaker, it has a voice monitoring system thanks to a recognition system can replay it later at a higher frequency and can be heard clearly. You can also connect headphones in case you do not want to bother anyone else.

Its technical specifications have a frequency response 100-14000 Hz, 580 grams in weight and a battery life of 16 hours. The voice recording system has a maximum gain of 42 dB, has a dual system of microphones and battery operated triple A.

Currently Pioneer has not specified the final price of this speaker. It will come to market on next June, no specific date.


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