Our personal trainer, Sony Smart Tennis sensor

Nobody doubts. This seems to be the year 2014 where quantization will take an important role in our lives and we see daily on our website with gadgets and technology and popular quantifier bracelets.

At CES in Las Vegas that closed a couple of weeks ago, Sony was dispatched with a sensor that is related to the world of the court and for those who did not believe that this would be possible, they must know that this sensor will now real.

personal trainer Smart Tennis Sony sensor

Since May, the Japanese players can get the Smart Tennis Sensor to train alone. This experiment will go on sale for $ 175 but it does not seem that far out of Japanese territory.

This sensor is placed on the racket-just some suit-and will take data from the blows we give her, like speed, angles, areas in which we impact with the racket and all kinds of statistics.

These data can be found on devices with Android and iOS as the Smart Sensor Tennis official apps that will allow them to analyze and improve our technique and play.


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