Samsung at work on a new augmented reality viewer?

3D GadgetsSamsung Devices mysterious augmented reality viewer

Samsung is now one of the largest companies in the world, ranging from different sectors of electronics, including smartphones, technological gadgets, smartwatches, appliances, laptops and tablets. A field, however, where the house has not yet released its own device, is that of augmented reality, to which the company is currently working to release a new…

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Bluetooth, a flaw endangers your devices

AccessoriesSecurity System wireless speaker

A Bluetooth vulnerability would allow cybercriminals to track the activity of fitness tracker wearers or use Apple devices Together with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth is undoubtedly the best known and most used wireless connection. Now present on any type of device (from smartphones to smart bulbs, via wireless speaker, smartwatch and fitness tracker) it is extremely versatile…

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Eureka, a curious gadget with which you will never lose your keys, or anything like that

AccessoriesCurious GadgetsMiscellaneous Cellularline gadget with which you can locate instantly and from your mobile anything you have lost

In our Gadget Blog we keep bringing mainly those products that make your life easier, especially those that are surrounded by technology and designed for our comfort. This time we have something that is going to be quite peculiar because who has not lost the keys in some occasion? This may have its days counted…

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