Razer Orochi mouse Black Chrome Edition for gamers

Razer has launched an attractive and luxurious edition of its gaming mouse Razer Orochi and bearing the name Razer Orochi, Black Chrome edition. The mouse comes in black chrome, polished look that delivers a lush dark. The specs remain the… Continue Reading

E Fun Nextbook Premium7 Android Tablet

E Fun has submitted an elegant 7-inch Android tablet bearing the name of Nextbook Premium 7. This gadget is running on the Android OS 2.3 Gingerbread and comes with the eReader application of Kobo, OfficeSuite Viewer, SlideME application, file manager,… Continue Reading

Chill KB-1BT, wireless Bluetooth micro keyboard with touchpad

Chill Innovation has launched its compact wireless keyboard, the Chill-KB 1BT. This micro Bluetooth wireless keyboard is ideal for tablets, HTPCs, smartphones and other handheld devices. The Chill-KB 1BT has an integrated touchpad provides easy control of the mouse. The… Continue Reading