Optoma HD131X Lightweight Solution With 3D Projection

The new projector Optoma HD131X comes to market with support for 3D content as an incentive. The Optoma HD131X is able to create a 300-inch screen, supports 1080p content in both two and three dimensions.

We are talking about a model of projector DLP technology and brightness of 2,000 lumens, which leaves it as a model that can be used unless the room is completely dark, but we can not abuse the ambient light.

Optoma HD131X is able to create a 300-inch screen with DLP technology and brightness of 2,000 lumens

The contrast is 18,000:1, leads and BrilliantColor technology for 3D technology uses active, so ZF2100 need glasses, which promise higher contrast and brightness, the drawbacks of this technology in its first generation.

The device is completed with the media at 10 W speakers included as standard and the two inputs HDMI, in addition to VGA and component video input/audio output of 3.5 mm.

The price for this Optoma HD131X is 1104 USD or 849 euros.


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