Fujifilm to reveal high performance optical discs with 1TB storage

I will be honest: I do not use for years an optical discs in my computer either CD or DVD . The Blu-Ray computers exist but have been mainly used for video games and movies on the PlayStation 3, and many think that Blu-Ray disk will be precisely the last generation optical discs market. Well this is where comes Fujifilm is asking that his little piece of cake for the future.

Fujifilm to reveal optical discs with 1TB storage

For now it is a draft and is in the labs, but the point is that Fujifilm wants to have 1TB capacity optical discs. The technology is significantly different from the current Blu-Ray but keeps many similarities with it, which would result in a similar trend as we live a few years ago between DVD and BD own.

An interesting fact is the density. Fujifilm’s 20 layers disks poses at 50 GB each (amounting to 1TB in total) in a rate of 25 GB per layer which is the same amount of data a single-layer Blu-ray disc holds. Now with the spotlight on a long term, the company also raised reaches the 15 TB per disk with similar technology but increasing data density. Another important aspect is that because of how aggressive the process, it seems that it will not be feasible to have re-writable disks as if they were common in CD, DVD and also to a lesser extent with BD.

The optical discs live a bad time when ‘the cloud’ and Internet are focusing all efforts of companies. Fujifilm is said could bring to market the first products using this technology in 2015. And for what? For salvation could be at the movies in 4K for a Blu-Ray of 25 or 50 GB could be short. Do you think you have a future?


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