High-end projector Sony VPL-VW1000ES

High-end projector Sony VPL-VW1000ES

Once again Sony breaks into the world of technology with the introduction of a new projector. It is the 4K Ultra High-Definition officially called VPL-VW1000ES and has already gained attention because it offers a resolution  Full 4K 3D. This high… Continue Reading

Pico Projector Tursion TS-102 with computer integrated Android

Pico Projector Tursion TS-102 with computer integrated Android

This unusual compact pico projector that incorporates computer Android appears currently listed in the Amazon online store. This new device called Tursion TS-102 looks like any other pocket projector, but unlike others, does not need a computer, laptop, smartphone or… Continue Reading

Dolby Launches surround sound 7.1 home

For those who like to have the feeling of being in a cinema in the comfort of the room of their homes, arrived this newest addition to the Dolby Company. The appointment was in San Francisco, United States, to show… Continue Reading

LG’s new compact projectors with integrated TV tuner, Wi Fi and USB ports

The company LG is the most important in the market, everyone knows it. They have products of all kinds, from cell phones to LED televisions. And obviously do not want to fall behind in the department of compact projectors. That… Continue Reading

VooMote One transforms your iPhone into a universal remote control

A company called Zero1.tv has launched the voomote one, another adapter that allows you to convert your iPhone / iPod Touch into a universal remote control. VooMote One slips on the iPhone with ease, allowing total control of the device.… Continue Reading

Acer C110 and Acer C112 pico projectors

Acer has officially announced a couple of pico projectors, the C110 Acer and Acer C112. Both projectors support the DLP technology and are designed to share videos and photos among friends and relatives. Their size also facilitates mobility, no doubt.… Continue Reading

Olympus DR-2300, professional audio recorder

Olympus has released a new digital audio recorder, called the Olympus DR-2300. The design of the gadget is not very attractive to say; But if you are looking for a  good audio recorder (whether it be beautiful or not), this is probably… Continue Reading