Official accessories for Samsung Galaxy S3

The new Samsung Mobile Galaxy S3 has already been presented. In addition to all its new features, the flagship of the Korean company also will be accompanied by several interesting accessories ranging from a cover to a card holder and use it as a GPS navigator. But look at what other elements added to the Samsung catalog.

The price of the Samsung Galaxy S3 will be 700 euros, but still there is to know at which prices will be available in different national operators. Based on Android 4.0, the latest version of the mobile and tablets OS, Google will become a benchmark in the market. And to get the most out of the terminal, Samsung offers various accessories to complement your biggest bet for this year 2012.
Official accessories for Samsung Galaxy S3

First, for users who do not want to use a wall charger and prefer a basis, Samsung offers an original model which will be put on both the working desk and in the bedside table, allowing the Samsung Galaxy S3 to function as alarm or bedside clock while charging the battery.

On the other hand, customers who want to maximize his 4.8-inch large screen to take notes and do not unwrap well with the physical keyboard, you can use a pointer stylus to take notes by hand in the style of Samsung Galaxy Note. According to the online portals, the base price is 40 euros, while the pointer will cost 20 euros.

Official accessories for Samsung Galaxy S3

Second, to protect the Samsung Galaxy S3 the company proposes a protective cover that only multi-touch screen and opens like a book. Just add thickness to the terminal, but surely more companies that are committed to other models that also cover the back of the design.

Meanwhile, for users with more sports, music player Samsung S Pebble will be ideal. Is a small accessories which houses a storage capacity of four gigabytes and that connects to the Galaxy S3 via a cable. However, so far not been given details of the operation of the invention, but is perfect for not risk a little accident while listening to music directly from your smartphone.

Also, users who want to share your media you have stored inside the Samsung Galaxy S3, have it easy with the Cast Allshare Dongle, a base that connects to your TV or monitor and makes Smart TV. This means that it can share videos, music or photos without using cables. Samsung Galaxy S3 has the function Allshare Cast works through Direct WiFi or NFC, and get in shape larger screen all content being played on the mobile. That is, you get what is known under the name of mirroring in English.


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