Nvidia Windows 8?

Something said in an interview the CEO of Nvidia, Cnet. Jen Hsun Huang, who is convinced that the applications developed for Windows Phone 7 will be compatible with Windows 8, a preview of things to come.

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According to the owner of the firm, both Nvidia and Qualcomm are the main providers of hardware for major manufacturers and for this reason this compatibility is likely.

If we talk about the strategy Microsoft with its Windows 8, we refer to an operating system that can be executed both tablets and mobile devices. As well as in an ARM, a very different from the X 86 hardware.

But turning to Nvidia, underway for quite some time with Microsoft to adapt the ARM and Huang says that other firms not looking the same as they are very backward, at least seven years in what it refers to the latest technology. This, between the lines, it would be a call to attention to Intel.

We must clarify that with the use of Nvidia Tegra 2, Android is far above other firms concerning tablets. Why we not strange that now begin to innovate with Windows 8. In recent days, it have shown a multi-core hardware based on Project Kal – the quad processor.

Now, these data down to everyday life, we should know serve us these implementations, whether it will be useful for a tablet with touch design and for being mobile.

Apparently, the idea of Microsoft is to unify their main platforms, which are Xbox, Windows 8 and Windows Phone, with a somewhat complicated interface, the Metro.

What is knowable, the firm already has a framework called Jupiter, based on HTML5, Silverlight and Javascript, which will generate applications to run from different platforms of our House.

We are still waiting for more news and announcements from Microsoft.


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