Nook simple touch: an e-book to read in the dark

Does the person with whom you share reading room until the wee hours while you try to sleep? Well very soon you will give her the perfect solution to your problem: an e-book reader designed for reading in the dark. The idea has been the U.S. bookstore Barnes & Noble, which has launched its line model whose screen Nook shines in the darkness, so you do not need to have the light on to read late into the night.

Nook simple touch: an e-book to read in the dark

This model, which is called Nook Simple Touch, powered by Glowlight technology, capable of delivering the precise amount and adjustable soft hue of light so that we can read without disturbing people who are sleeping, as sources have assured signing in a press release.

In addition it is a fairly light model, since it weighs only 200 grams, making it the lightest of the range, which also has the advantage of having a touch screen that eliminates reflections 15 centimeters so that you can read without problems although you are in the sun.

It is expected that the Nook Simple Touch goes on sale on May 1, at a very cheap price (139 euros) with which he intends to compete with the Amazon Kindle Touch, company is also developing a model that can be read in the dark, as they say some technology-specific sites.

According to the creators of the model, it is the digital e-book more useful and versatile on the market.


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