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Nokia 8 Strength Test: Scratch, BURN and Bend

Gorilla Glass 5 also does not offer much resistance to knocks or involuntary scratches

For a few days, we can already do with the Nokia 8, the flagship of the Finnish company, manufactured by HMD Global. This new terminal offers a very interesting value for money, so it is one of the best options we can find on the market today if we want to do with a terminal managed by the Snapdragon 835 accompanied by 4 GB of RAM. JerryRigEverything has subjected the new Nokia terminal to scratch resistance testing using different tools in addition to the almost mandatory resistance test if we try to bend it.

Taking into account that the body of this terminal is aluminum and of poor quality from what we see in the video, the Nokia 8 does not get along well with sharp tools, such as a cutter, with which we can even get to tear bits of the Case. The keys also do not get very well with the aluminum used, so we must take it into account when sharing pocket with them. That if, at the time of trying to double it, the Nokia 8 resists like the most.

But not only the aluminum used is of low quality, something we have to find that price so tight, but the glass with the protection Gorilla Glass 5 also does not offer much resistance to knocks or involuntary scratches, although in this test are all volunteers. After seeing these tests, we must take into account the use of a case if or for the back of the device but we want the first change to begin to show scratches.

Leaving aside the test of resistance, which happens in a very fair way, a determining factor when acquiring this terminal we find it will be the first terminals to receive the new versions of Android, thanks to the agreement reached with Google to be managed almost by the same version as the Google Pixel.

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