Nintendo Limited Edition for Valentine’s Day

Within a few days, specifically on February 14, everything is filled with hearts, flowers and love. It is for this reason that Nintendo also wanted to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a special edition of a laptop, pink. Ideal gift for your girl.


Thus, the company is showing his romantic side and marketer. Although available only in the United States, Valentine’s Day can be decorated with this portable Pink edition.

Nintendo Limited Edition Valentine's Day

The 3DS console with pink housing has features beyond its exterior tone. Have the same features as other models, such as portability, augmented reality, connectivity, WiFi, l ibrería games and the ability to display 3D images without using the famous sunglasses.

The company also creates Nippon source the perfect combo for the February 14, since it postulates the best title for the occasion, all full of love and tenderness. Nintendogs + cats is to care for pets and Mario Kart 7 will be developed in stages specially adapted for love in multiplayer.

So here you know, if you have no idea what gift to your girlfriend for Valentine’s Day, you can purchase one of these Nintendo 3D Special Edition Rosa, look good with it and get the pay you to play around.


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