New Nokia Phone with Windows 8 will be presented on September 5

New Nokia Phone with Windows 8 will be presented on September 5

The new Windows Phone 8 from Nokia are just around the corner. Within just three weeks when the Finnish company will hold its annual event, Nokia World 2012, which will share with participants presenting the New Nokia Phone Lumia devices, designed to work with the most advanced platform of Microsoft for smart phones.

New Nokia Phone with Windows 8 will be presented on September 5

In the invitation sent to media this fact makes it quite clear, showing the same of similar composition to the interface Metro of Windows Phone, including data for opening doors in the event, also referring to Nokia and Microsoft as Hosts for the occasion.

Fortunately, the thicker the land of the leaks, and to illustrate what could submit Nokia at the event, we learned a couple of missteps that have been uncovered by Unwired View and WPXAP. In both cases, we dealt with components of a pair of phones, which presumably would be two of the terminals going to announce on September 5 in the opening event of Nokia World 2012. Specifically, it is the protective surface of the front of two unique models in the catalog of the Nokia.

In the case of filtering that we have learned through Unwired View, we have a panel that would be defined by a screen of 4.3 inches, which would coincide with the current high-end signature, Nokia Lumia 900. It is noteworthy that, at least looking at this component, it appears that the final design would have the device that would set the front panel would display a rounded appearance around the edges, perhaps along the lines of that seen in the Nokia Lumia 610, but with a larger-and unlike seen in the Nokia Lumia 800 and Nokia Lumia 900.

In fact, the straight lines of these yes that would be present at the second potential terminal which would consist of the front panel that has leaked through WPXAP. In this case we encounter itself with a protective cover with an appearance closer to that seen in the two phones in the first level of the Finnish firm. However, in one as another, it is difficult to determine whether the final design will be so dependent on the form taken this component, though, a priori, one would think they will.

Both end faces match, also on two elements of interest review. On the one hand, both boast a small hole next to the earpiece for what appears to be a front camera, the Nokia Lumia 900 and included a side of a megapixel sensor. Furthermore, the logo of Windows Phone that is located in the lower mode capacitive start button has changed its design, now adopting the appearance of the new corporate identity that Microsoft has defined for the whole family of platforms to be put in a position to phones, tablets and computers from next autumn.

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