New images of the iPhone 5 screen leaked on internet

New clues on the iphone 5 pictures, four-inch screen of iPhone 5 and details of its front camera have been revealed. That’s what the video reveals that filters iphone5 parts dot net site. Is a sequence in which compares the front cover of the next phone would be high end Apple with which has been used in the iPhone 4S.

The exhibition not only serves to prove that indeed, the new phone will be developing measures that are determined by four-inch screen that has been talking to the iPhone 5 but it also seals tracks than have been talking in recent weeks.

New images of the iPhone 5 screen

Perhaps the most revealing-screen as well pointing to the front camera and is that as you see in this video, the location of secondary sensor, designed to make video calls in general and use Facetime function in particular, comes to occupy a new place in the front room.

Although until now we had seen that their situation was to the left of where the handset is placed in the iPhone 5 would focus on it, right next to one of the proximity sensors are used to lock and unlock the screen when we took the phone to your ear to talk.

On the other hand, the comparison also removed another fact: the thickness of the front cover, which happens to be a little thinner than its predecessor. Recall that according to several sources, the iPhone 5 will present a profile thinner than the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. In total, it will demonstrate to 7.9 millimeters thick. For the record, not only would have gotten into waist to the front panel shown in this video.

In addition, Apple would have used In-Cell display technology, with which it can eliminate some layers of the capacitive display settings you install the terminal, also achieving some interesting indices of brightness in the final result. A consortium of Nippon, Japan Display, comprising Sony, Hitachi and Toshiba is behind their manufacture, also having the support of fellow Japanese Sharp.

The iPhone 5 could be presented next September 12, have agreed as various media sources used by Americans. The launch of the terminal would result in a first wave on December 21, performing a second raid more extensive the October 5.

It has also been proposed that would reveal the same day, at last, the rumored iPad Mini, a tablet with which Apple would abandon its standard 9.7-inch to opt for a complementary model of 7.85 inch panel. The hypothetical iPad Mini would be the proposal for signing the affordable terminal segment in order to compete with Amazon Kindle Fire and Google Nexus 7.


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