D-Link router will catch both design and performance

The new D-Link Wi-Fi router Ultra AC3200 is a neutral tri-band router

Although it is usual that the router try to pass by unnoticed beyond where we place at home, D-Link has given the appearance of your new model quite important. But not only design the appeal of this model.

The New D-Link router named D-Link Wi-Fi Ultra AC3200 is a neutral tri-band router (May 2 GHz, a 2.4-GHz) with six external high gain antennas to improve coverage. Inside are a dual-core 1 GHz and four Ethernet ports for external devices processor, plus one USB 3.0.

The new D-Link Wi-Fi Ultra AC3200 is a neutral tri-band router

With its triple band, the new router allows connection speeds of up to 3200 Mbps. Also the interface has been renovated to adapt to new times demand a more intuitive router setup and management, and if you want, you can control from a smartphone or tablet.

As part of technologies to improve the management of the WiFi signal, D-Link has included Smart Connect, which assigns each device the best band at all times and SmartBeam , which detects where devices are to optimize speed and coverage each.

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