Netflix lost 800 000 subscribers in the last quarter

In recent times we have talked several times about Netflix, the renowned service streaming movies and TV series. Currently the platform is not going well and this is due to increase of 60% implemented on the subscription price in the U.S., as was severely criticized by users.

Netflix lost 800 000 subscribers in the last quarter

From the beginning Netflix executives knew that the answer would be positive, but nobody expected what was coming. Yesterday the company released the balance of the third quarter of 2011 and reported that 805,000 subscribers lost in North America since September. The figure is hard but could be worse.

Actually there were more than 1 million people who left Netflix to the price increases become effective, but because since then have also added new users figures are slightly offset. It is clear that this does not improve the picture of the service nothing in America.

Worst of all came after the statement presented by the directors as the value of the shares of Netflix again collapsed and fell 27%. At this time each company’s stock has a value of around $ 88 … and think that by mid-years were stroking the 300.

The only hope for the firm to exit the well is located in the international market. Netflix is worth remembering that recently landed in several Latin American countries and plans to do so from next year in Europe. The first countries of the Old Continent will receive service in Spain, Ireland and the UK.

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