NajmTek U-Book Laptop with Dual Touch Screen

NajmTek has developed an unusual laptop is named NajmTek U-Book and comes with a physical keyboard. This laptop is a combination of traditional laptop, tablet and netbook.


NajmTek U-Book Laptop with Dual Touch Screen


The NajmTek U-Book has two touch screens with multitouch support, it is a virtual keyboard and the other is a screen, as usual.

Unfortunately, still no information on the technical specifications of NajmTek U-Book. According to the manufacturer, the equipment is designed to replace a desktop computer. It is likely to use second-generation processor Intel Core.

The NajmTek U-Book dual touch screen laptop will be shown at CES 2012, which will take place from 10 to 13 January in Las Vegas, USA.


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