MyKronoz ZeTime: mechanical watch hands on a touchscreen

MyKronoz ZeTime - a hybrid watch with hands AND touch goes through the ceiling

With the ZeTime the smartwatch manufacturer MyKronoz wants to bring a hybrid clock on the market which on the other hand has conventional pointers, but also has a touchscreen. The company’s crowdfunding campaign has already collected more than 3.5 million US dollars and the project seems to be very well received by the users.

MyKronoz ZeTime - a hybrid watch with hands AND touch goes through the ceiling

MyKronoz is not an untitled sheet, the company has already launched some Smartwatches on the market and, according to CEO, they already sold more than 2 million copies. So you already know a little in the market. Nevertheless, one would like to start with the ZeTime a crowdfunding project, probably also around the clock a little marketing-push, because after all, here you have no conventional Smartwatch, but a hybrid clock. The structure of the watch is interesting, because first you have the display on which your information is displayed. Above that come the pointers and above comes then the touch screen. This is ultimately protected by Gorilla Glass. So you have the possibility, despite the hands, to use the clock quite normally with the finger. And so that the pointers do not disturb the notifications, they are also simply rotated to a neutral position. Definitely a good idea.

Like all smartwatches, it is connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth and thus becomes the notification window for incoming e-mails, calendar entries, etc. The recharge time should be up to 3 days. Of course, I’m a bit skeptical about this statement. This is not an e-ink display, but a normal TFT.

While most smartwatches currently on the market are able to withstand just one day of intensive use, should the ZeTime last up to 3 days? I’m curious! If you only use the Smartwatch as a clock, so the display remains off, the battery life is up to 30 days. The ZeTime works with proprietary software, so you do not rely on Android Wear. This is why the Companion app of MyKronoz is required. The watertightness is indicated with 3ATM, Ie 30 meters.

Functions of the watch can also be performed with the smart crown.

Of the originally only 50,000 US dollars MyKronoz chose as a financing target, you have now already over 3.5 million US dollar arrived and the project is still 4 days online . Over 18,000 supporters will follow the project in the coming months. In September 2017 it should then be so, then namely the clock is to be delivered. Nevertheless, you should be aware that even an established company can embed a crowdfunding project, so a certain residual risk still remains if your “investor” wants to become an upcoming product.

The watch is quite attractive, which should explain the success. As an early bird you can get the clock already for 139 US dollar, in the trade it should cost at least 199 US dollar. This is the cheapest model with silicone bracelet. There will also be a variant with leather strap or metal bracelet, which is then more expensive.