Win8 Controller: The apps to control your Windows 8 PC

The app support many of the features of Windows 8 as various multitouch gestures, swipe and virtual keyboard

Windows 8, the new desktop operating system from Microsoft, has introduced a new interface to better fit the new solutions with the touch screen. Through the Win8 Controller app for Windows Phone can use this interface in a convenient and… Continue Reading

Android Security: 20,000 apps for malware in the last three months

Protect your Android from unauthorized access with a security method

One of the dangers lurking on Android since it is experiencing an increase so “busy” users of the platform is malware: it is well known that developers of malicious tools (Ignore conspiracies that include antivirus companies today) seek to attack… Continue Reading

Easy Battery Saver extends the battery on your Android phone

Easy Battery Saver extends the battery on your Android phone

One of the biggest drawbacks of smartphones is, without doubt, the short duration of their batteries. And is that the large touch screens and wireless connections carry a lot of energy. However, there are several applications to manage more efficiently… Continue Reading

The apps to extend the desktop into mobile devices

The Air Display apps to extend the desktop

This is Air Display that lets you enlarge the desktop into a tablet or Android mobile operating system. It is ideal for multi-screen use, especially in relation to various jobs that require it, or just for fun with all your… Continue Reading

Acer Liquid Glow, a new smartphone running on Android 4.0

Acer has recently announced the Acer Liquid Glow, a new device Android 4.0 to be shown at MWC 2012 (Mobile World Congress) next week in Barcelona, Spain. In terms of features, the Acer Liquid Glow has a 3.7 inch touch… Continue Reading