Mini QWERTY wireless keyboard 4 in 1 for smart TV and Computer

Mini QWERTY wireless keyboard 4 in 1 from € 6.23
In this article we present different models of a Qwerty 4-in-1 mini wireless keyboard. This mini keyboard can be used as a command for those who prefer to play with a keyboard or to navigate more comfortably through our Smart TV.
It has an integrated touchpad of high sensitivity. This keyboard is designed so that we can use it for both a smart TV or a computer, without having to be seated in front of it, since it works within a radius of 10 meters away. It works with two AAA batteries , which are not included.

Two other models of wireless mini keyboard are those of ANEWKODI that we show you below.

  • ANEWKODI T16 wireless keyboard with three-color feedback light
  • mini ANEWKODI T2 wireless keyboard with 7-color backlight

ANEWKODI presents two other models of this wireless keyboard, the T16 with a more square format and for my taste something more uncomfortable to handle. On the other hand, for one more euro, the T2. The T16 has a backlight in three colors , while the T2 can be illuminated in up to 7 colors. Both keyboards need a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and can be rotated up to 360º, in case we want to play with it.

Finally we have found another mini keyboard, something more expensive, but with different keys and new functions. This model has a retreo-illumination in 8 colors and should be compatible with latest generation consoles.

The different keyboards are connected to the device with which we want to use a USB receiver. They transmit through a 2.4 GHz connection and with a range of up to 10 meters . Plug-and-Play means that no further installation steps are necessary and that we can start using it after inserting the corresponding batteries. They are compatible with a Smart TV, a TV Box, PC or laptop and video game consoles. The 4-in-1 wireless keyboard combines a QWERTY keyboard, a touchpad, mouse buttons and a remote control . If we do not use the keyboard for a while, it will automatically switch to sleep mode.

Thanks to its design and its small size, the mini keyboards adapt perfectly to our hands and are comfortable to use. That is, we should not have any problem to reach all the keys.


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