MIG-622, the first mouse that works without buttons

For those users, fans and analysts who enjoy the latest advances that facilitate the experience with computers, phones and smartphones, in the last hours has globally launched a new accessory which in itself represents an attractive innovation that threatens to revolutionize the mouse device market. We refer to the modern MIG-622, a mouse slim and stylish design, whose main characteristic is to not present the usual buttons with which people have handled these items from the very birth of computers.

MIG-622 optical sensor has a built-in high fidelity 2.4 GHz and 1600 dpi

The MIG-622 features multi touch an area designed and developed by the Technical Development team GTC Ribbon, and is responsible for covering the entire surface of the mouse, in addition to performing with availability for left or right without difficulty. Equipment operation is produced from the communication generated through a nano receiver which exchanges signals with the computer in a maximum range of 10 meters.

In addition to the virtues and detailed, the MIG-622 optical sensor has a built-in high fidelity 2.4 GHz and 1600 dpi. Through two small common batteries it works in the same way as a TV remote control. The device also has a power saving function controlled by a switch capable of cutting the supply and availability is presented with Macs and PCs, at a price of around $ 35.


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