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Microvision ShowWX + HDMI: the pico-projector with dock to connect to iOS

A new interesting pico projector, MicroVision ShowWX + HDMI overlooks the market. This model follows the specifications of its predecessor ShowWX +, including the HDMI port and, above all, a connector created for iOS as iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. However users can connect to the PC via the VGA connector using an adapter sold separately.

Microvision ShowWX + HDMI the pico-projector with dock to connect to iOS

The projector supports a maximum resolution of output up to 848 × 480 and the source must support the 480 p resolution. The images are shown by a light bulb from 15 lumen without the need to adjust the focus. The lithium-ion battery provides two hours of operation with a recharge. The ShowWX + HDMI is available for pre-order via the site of Microvision for u.s. users only. A launch date for the rest of the market has not yet been announced.

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