Microsoft Tablet Surface windows crashes during the presentation

Not every cloud has a silver lining. The new creation from Microsoft, Tablet Surface of the features, seems to have suffered from the excitement of the debut in front of an audience of many journalists and fans intrigued. During the presentation, Steven Sinofsky you will probably feel a bit ‘like Bill Gates in 1998 , when a Blue Screen of Death appeared during the event that Microsoft had prepared to present to the world’s new in Windows 98.

Microsoft Tablet Surface crashes during the presentation

This time it was the Tablet Surface that suddenly stopped working. To no avail attempts to restore the tablet and Sinofsky, visibly surprised, he just said “Excuse me a second” before heading to the desk where he immediately replaced the tablet with a spare. Telling the story does not do justice to the colossal fool you, though, might be a good omen since the success of Microsoft Windows 98 and Windows 98 SE.


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