Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Mouse and Microsoft Sculpt Mobile Mouse

Within days, the market will receive two new mice that emerge bright heads Microsoft, so start witness a new browsing experience for the new operating system, with a series of shortcuts to the main functions of Windows 8.

The Sculpt Mobile Mouse is the latest evolution of the Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 – with a Windows button which works great on Windows 7 or Windows 8

Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Mouse

it is a touch surface with a button we see clearly in the picture by use of its blue color. Pressing Start will go directly to the system, but this is more interesting than that from the gestures, we move in four directions.

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The gesture will open up the applications available, while down, what we have done with the open.

Via Bluetooth you can connect wirelessly and technology BlueTrack allow the mouse to work on all surfaces.

The Sculpt Comfort Mouse is a perfect companion to the Sculpt Comfort Keyboard we announced last fall

Microsoft Sculpt Mobile Mouse

A much more compact design than the previous, with Microsoft Sculpt Mobile Mouse, we have the facility to handle with both hands. Not as well known as the Comfort Mouse, this mouse also has added a button Windows and keeps the characteristics of displacement.

BlueTrack technology is used in this model, but instead of Bluetooth, this will have a USB Mini Transceiver.

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