Memory works best when we sleep


Memory works best when we sleep. When our memory recalls something while sleeping, that fact is set more effectively than if pointed out while we are awake. At the University of Basel, Switzerland has conducted a study that was published last week by the journal Nature.

According to the researchers, led by Bjorn Rasch, reinforce a memory while we sleep can fix in the memory.


For the study, experts trained volunteers’ memory, establishing a relationship between odor and the location of certain objects. Thus, when participants felt any of these odors, remember the object related to it and its location.

Once the relationship between odor and the object, the researchers divided the volunteers into two groups. The first groups were subjected to the smell while they were sleeping, while the second group felt the smell when they were awake.

The result of experiment showed that those who were subjected to the smell as they slept reinforced the memory in your memory, as recalled more accurately the location of the object. Who felt the smell when awake; they recalled the location of the object to a lesser extent.

The experiment was reinforced with an MRI to each of the volunteers, through which could be observed that the activated brain areas as they remembered was different in the group to which they belonged.