The gadget and software for healthcare

Wii Fit Plus can burn calories and above all

These gadgets and software for healthcare can help you in every moment of your lives, as well as when you want to exercise and look good. Some healthcare device even serve to prevent or detect diseases early and to live… Continue Reading


Scosche has myTREK, heart rate monitor for iPhone and iPod touch

Scosche has released myTREK (IPTM model), a wireless heart rate monitor and application for the iPhone and iPod touch . The myTREK, enabled for Bluetooth, a comfortable armband is designed to be set on the muscular portion of the forearm… Continue Reading


Nukalert, keychain will want to have if you travel to Japan

After the earthquake tsunami, the chancellor has made nuclear power nuclear panic on the island and the rest of the world to boot. Radioactive leaks have few virtues, but especially about being invisible, so it is useful as this Nukalert… Continue Reading