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How to Make Your Online Shopping Sessions Safer

The internet has made it easier for consumers to buy all types of products. You can buy a new wardrobe and shoe collection, or even furnish your entire home without leaving your couch. While this is super convenient for shoppers, it’s also very convenient for hackers and scam artists. This is why you need to be very careful about where you make purchases from. There are sketchy websites out there collecting credit card data from unsuspecting buyers.

If you have stores you’ve purchased from before or that are well-known, you should stick with those

If you’re like everyone else, you want to safeguard your financial data from thieves. Here are a few ways you can do that.

Buy From Trusted Websites

If you have stores you’ve purchased from before or that are well-known, you should stick with those. It’s easy to fall prey when you’re looking for new outlets that are cheaper. Remember, thieves are looking to attract shoppers by offering deals that can’t be found elsewhere.

Only Use Sites with the Lock

If you’re committed to finding the best deal, even if it means shopping with a new online store, then make sure to check for the seal of approval. The site should make it known that it is SSL encrypted. This means the payment portal is secure, so hackers can’t easily steal your credit card details. This is normally placed at the bottom of the web page. You can also check the URL – it should have HTTPS:// instead of HTTP://. A locked padlock icon is another symbol you can find in the URL bar, which identifies a secure site. So there are many ways to check and double check the validity of an ecommerce site.

Always Check Your Statements

You need to ensure that the purchases you make are at the correct dollar amount on your statements. If you notice more was taken, it could be an error or a sign of hackers. Identify and investigate these purchases to find out what happened.

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