Mad Catz Tritton Pro+ Surround Sound Headphones in true 5.1

If you spend more money on video games than you spend on purchases at the grocery store each month, let us give you one more reason to keep you eating boxes and boxes of instant noodle packages ramen style: Surround Sound Headphones in true 5.1 Mad Catz Tritton Pro+, which is now being sent for sale. Priced at $ 200, the Tritton Pro + supports gaming consoles PS3, Xbox 360 and for the PC.

Surround Sound Headphones in true 5.1 Mad Catz Tritton Pro+ is now being sent for sale

With a lightweight and very flexible, these headphones have individual subwoofers on each side that go against your ears and true sound Dolby Digital 5.1 surround Through eight separate outputs (four for each side).

Besides its output can potentially deafen someone, the feature Pro + have a remote online monitoring selective voice, which gives users the option of hearing your own voice through the headphone set, if you want to play a multiplayer game with the little people who live in your head. If so, you may want to see a doctor.


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