MacBook Pro, now with Retina Display and prices of vertigo

On machines like this before glossing features we have to talk price. And it seems that Apple no one has read a financial newspaper in the last four years. The new MacBook Pro Retina Display is a computer with cutting edge features, but its price is far removed from the buyer.

MacBook Pro with Retinal Display

Undoubtedly the most striking aspect of this device is its screen. It has been equipped with the famous Retina Display, a display type with lots of resolution, you had seen in other branded devices like iPhone 4s or the new iPad. The resolution of this screen is really high, reaching 2880 x 1800 pixels.

This huge figure translates into a lot of images with clarity and quality. In this case, it makes more sense to include it in other devices such as iPhone, since the screen is much higher. It has 15.4 inch diagonal, which we find a density of 220 dots per inch.

Apple has been quick to announce that will serve as a screen like this. In addition to playing high-quality multimedia content, have announced a series of programs that will take advantage of as much muscle. The most famous are two of the most successful professional programs worldwide. Autocad, the great design program in two and three dimensions, and Photoshop, the reference when it comes to photo design.

This MacBook Pro has an Intel Core i7 quad-core capable of performing at 2.3 GHz. If you feel little, you can use the forced (Turbo Boost) up to 3.3 GHz. It also has 8 GB of RAM. Big Power in a small space.

It is also in storage pointer Flash. 256 GB flash storage capacity. This is a figure that we saw recently in hard drive capacity, is one of the most powerful solid memories seen so far, and possibly get that the computer run very light. And this is in the basic version, as the more advanced model goes up to 512 GB of flash memory. Of course the price also goes through the roof, touching the unreachable € 2,900.

Nor goes bad graphics capabilities. It has with a card NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M with 1 GB of dedicated memory. If you add this to its powerful processor and display performance, you can be sure no problems with any graphics requirement, be it a video game or a program for editing and video editing.

In short, is a really powerful computer pointer, with very high. But its price is far removed from ordinary mortals. 2,280 euros is much more than most consumers can afford to a computer. Even though you are looking for a top device for professional needs, remains much more expensive than other computers. As always with Apple, well, nice and terribly expensive.

What’s new in this device?

The MacBook Pro Display Retina is the only new equipment from Apple, but Apple brand has also revamped its computer models. The MacBook Pro “conventional” 13 and 15 inches have been hardware upgrades. Here we give a short table of these teams have changed as compared to last year’s versions.


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