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Line Dock, the gadget to charge battery and cool your laptop

Formerly the term ‘laptop’ was almost a euphemism, because the early models were like suitcases. But with the advancement of technology we have now come to have as thin laptops as large envelopes as is the case of Apple MacBook. This makes laptops ideal for working anywhere, whether away from home, office or any outlet to charge them, there is the problem of autonomy.

Do you travel often and need to have more battery in your laptop? This gadget seen on the web Indiegogo may well become your best friend. Line Dock is a mix between external battery, external SSD, based cooling system and wireless charger as a multifunction smart external battery for computers from 12 to 15 inches. And all in a very compact external design reminiscent of a closed Macbook Air, both for its color and its design without marks of any kind on the entire surface.

This multifunction external battery, thinnest and Smartest Laptop Power Bank is suitable for any type of computer and portable device.

Line Dock is itself a base that comes with three USB ports, HDMI connection, USB port and Type C MiniDisplay to connect for example the new MacBook. Although it also brings microUSB port to connect it to a laptop of the classics without the new standard Type-C.

Once connected to the computer, Dock Line has a battery of 20,000 mAh with loadable 1.5 times completely any laptop battery of market. And in fact at the same speed as its creators that if we connect the PC to the network, with the advantage that Line Dock is also a cooling base that can keep the laptop cool at precisely a time when the device temperature rises.

Line Dock as an external multitasking battery

The base also comes with several magnets to keep the laptop fixed on its surface, and four QI devices to charge up to 4 mobile phones wirelessly if they are compatible with the wireless charging technology. And if that were not enough, Line Dock also includes an SSD storage disk for storing data to choose between a minimum of 256GB and a maximum of 1 terabyte. As we pointed out earlier, Line Dock is a popular financing project for the Indiegogo website, which, after 16 days of completion, has achieved 300% of the initial amount that its creators requested.

If you are interested in this external battery multifunction smart, you have the model with SSD 256GB for $ 149 (141 €) , and Premium with SSD 1TB $ 599 Do (568 €). Although you will have to wait a few months, since shipments (worldwide) have a delivery date of at least June 2017, in almost half a year.

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