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LiFi technology is already 100 times faster than WiFi

LiFi technology with which many researchers pretend to make us forget about WiFi and whose main feature is that it is based on light, has just reached a new milestone since we now learn that not only can it offer a wide Band or stability that WiFi could never reach, but now, thanks to this latest research, it is up to 100 times faster .

Li-Fi technology is a new type of wireless connection that uses light sources instead of microwaves to transmit data


Curiously, the researchers behind this project have been working to solve one of the problems that this type of technology has, such as the fact that the light must be on at all times . To solve this they have been experimented with infrared rays with which they have obtained very good results.

Li-Fi technology is a new type of wireless connection that uses light sources instead of microwaves to transmit data, hence its name: Light Fidelity, in exchange for Wireless Fidelity. In this way, the LED bulbs in your home and office will make the router function incorporating an emitter modulator.


At this point, comment that LiFi connection technology is not new since it has been tested in laboratories since 2011 although, until 2015, it was not tested in real environments. At the moment, as we said, there are still serious drawbacks to be solved such as the one we have discussed or the fact that light cannot cross walls. Even so, Joanne Oh, head of the project and doctor at the University of Eindhoven, has achieved, based on the infrared, a series of harmless rays for the human being, able to develop a connection of up to 42.8 Gbps at a distance of 2.5 meters.

LiFi is slowly becoming a real alternative to WiFi.

To solve the problem of the walls, has developed a system composed of antennas that must be installed throughout our house . In this way we would connect our fiber optic cable to one of them, making our entire home network active. One of the main advantages of the LiFi by infrared is its low power consumption, which means that we do not need to power these antennas because the little current they need would come from the fiber optic cable itself.

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