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LG’s new compact projectors with integrated TV tuner, Wi Fi and USB ports

The company LG is the most important in the market, everyone knows it. They have products of all kinds, from cell phones to LED televisions. And obviously do not want to fall behind in the department of compact projectors.

LG's new compact=

That is the reason that launched two new models (firmly packed) on Korean soil, but will soon reach other destinations on the globe such as Europe or America.

This is the LG HW300TN and LG HW301TN whose technology is based on the LED system. They have a primary resolution 1280 x 800 pixels. Also, get to have a brightness of 300 lumens, making them much more interesting, because the dimensions of the apparatus is far superior to other known in the market.

LG's new compact=

And to prove it is art, it also offers an integrated TV tuner, called Freeview.

What can we do with these projectors? If we believe that only serve to show films and tapes are very wrong. These LG TN HW300 and 301 give us the opportunity to enjoy exclusive content through the network via DLNA.

It doesn’t need to say that does not use cables, rather use Wi Fi. It also has several USB ports.

For compatibility, these projectors can play most of the files in any format. Yes, even the cumbersome Power Point for presentations and practical work.

Moreover, the new LG projectors are ultra light, its weight is no more than a kilo.

If you’re eager to purchase one, we tell you that just go on sale in Korea in August. Still do not know the release date in Europe.

The cost will be (at least in Asia) is about 750 euros. If you think it’s a bit excessive, re-read the specifications and you’ll find that’s worth.

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