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LG to Launch Its Own Smartwatch AndGoogle Glass

LG could surprise everyone by entering the new technological race. According to a source from the Korea Times, the Korean electronics giant has decided not to be left behind and also produce its own model of smart watch.

Remember that after Apple, the rumor that a team of 100 designers are currently floor on the iWatch, while the Google is also moving forward on a similar project. Samsung is also in the race with its Galaxy SmartWatch that would fit in the Jproject. Finally, Sony seems to have taken the lead over its competitors since it already sells a similar product, the Sony SmartWatch that can be found on various sites.

Korean electronics giant has decided not to be left behind and also produce its own model of smart watch

It seemed only natural that LG launches its range of smart watch and as stated in the source, this product is part of a long-term strategy and is one of the main products that the manufacturer is preparing to market. Main in the plural, because it may well be that offers glasses connected close to the Google Glass. The source is rather vague on the subject and said no more. We do not know either if the Android or Firefox OS will be used. Some believe that the system would be more suited for Mozilla lighter.

LG shows on a connected, it would not be the first foray of the brand in the field. It was even one of the pioneers in 2009 by presenting its GD910, a SmartWatch equipped with a 1.43 inch touch screen and capable of carrying voice and video calls and send messages via Text to Speech functionality. The success was not to go and as specified in the source, “it is necessary that the market is sufficiently mature, with strong demand for these products,”without which sales do not follow. It seems that 2013 is the year of smart watches that the market is finally ready for the arrival of such a device.

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