LG Lifeband Touch, the first image of the smart bracelet

smarwatches are well known but now come the hard and smart bracelets

Much has been said lately about the innovations that companies like Samsung or LG could present at CES in Las Vegas this year regarding wearable fashion, i.e. devices that we carry in our body parts. The smarwatches are well known but now come the hard and smart bracelets. The latest that has leaked during the day known was the LG Lifeband Touch.

The LG Lifeband Touch wearable technology has a great future. This year, fashion has been around smart watches. Samsung and Sony are some of the best known companies that have submitted their alternative during this year and certainly in 2014 many more will join, although the trend indicates that be the smart bracelets that truly succeed. We have already heard about the Galaxy Brand of Korean but during the day we have been able to see what would be the first smart bracelet sold by LG, the Lifeband Touch.

smarwatches are well known but now come the hard and smart bracelets

The appearance of LG Lifeband Touch is virtually the same as the Smart Tracker Activity that LG introduced us this year at CES in January: a bracelet capable of displaying our phone notifications and messages or missed calls, and incorporating a GPS module and a heart rate monitor for athletes who want to record your workouts as is the case with the Nike Fuelband Fitbit or other models.

Over the past week there were several rumors that LG was planning to launch a couple of wearable devices called G-Health and G-Arch. According to LG, there are no products in development with those names but have not denied information about a product focused on health, so G Health might actually be this smart bracelet and G Arch would become the smart watch of the company, ready to compete with the big market: Galaxy Gear, SmartWatch 2 and Pebble.

Little else is known about this Lifeband Touch apart from this course name and render shown above, but hopefully in the CES in Las Vegas next year more specifically next week, we may see something more about this device .