LG Flexible E-Paper Display

Many say that the downside of digital media and e-books is that you lose the charm of this book or newspaper open in half to read. But soon could run out of arguments as next month LG flexible displays could begin to be marketed in Europe that can be bent to 40 degrees, and would function primarily as electronic readers. Of course, everyone is awaiting official confirmation of the brand.

LG Flexible E-Paper Display

These screens have a thickness of only 0.3 millimeters, and its measures will be 25×40, the same as those of a tabloid newspaper, and its weight is only 130 grams, or slightly lighter than an eBook. The battery is spent when it refreshes the screen to see some new content. The screen size is 19 inches. This flexible screen had already been presented in various technology fairs, including the last CES in Las Vegas, however, the novelty is that now seems to be put on sale.

The industry has spent years trying to market this type of flexible displays, which, in regard to technology, they were invented, but with some major drawbacks such as energy expenditure and lack of 3G networks so that users could access new media wherever they wanted. Both problems have been fixed, now just need the color, although this may not be a problem for those accustomed to e-readers, who also tend to be black and white.

LG say that 10% of e-readers are broken after falling to the ground. But these are flexible pantalas unbreakable if they fall from a five feet high, something that has been tested before putting them on sale.


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