LED to slow hair loss

iGrow is a helmet that, according to its designers, “rejuvenates and improves the quality of the hair.” Made by Apire Sciences, the helmet would provide a solution for men and women also reached an age or hair loss and threat. iGrow uses lasers and LED lights to keep the scalp of its owner. Studies have shown that improving the hair under the action of red light whose wavelength is between 650 and 670 nanometers. Not only is this laser therapy in treating low radiation cells, but it also allows them to grow to multiply easily. So the helmet iGrow not only fight against hair loss, it also grows hair.

Besides its restorative function, iGrow has headphones and can be connected to a digital music player. iGrow has already passed the prototype stage, it is already priced at 530 euros with 6 months warranty.


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