Learn programming, the new intelligent robot Zowi BQ

Apparently in BQ they want to explore new markets and today we have this kind of robot quite fun with that get the least of our house are interested in the world of programming. According to the company, Zowi comes to market to children of small age, situate themselves in eight years, put out into the world of technology safely while entertaining.

Zowi robot can dance like Michael Jackson, and we can't stop watching

By the time little or nothing is known about this particular robot that promises a lot, but a project that stands out for lacking directly from some kind of hands or arms, it is true that you can walk, dance or jump. Logically and learning mode, Zowi hit the market with a number of preloaded games from which we must work and evolve in order to improve its functionality.

One detail that personally I found quite interesting, especially to encourage smaller, is that since BQ have proposed an evolutionary system for developing Zowi, that is, once our son begins to play with the little robot is proposed a number of challenges to be met . When you meet one of these challenges will unlock increasingly complex new. Unfortunately it not explained exactly how it will work this issue or the benefits it will meet the same, what we do know is that to work with Zowi be necessary to use bitbloq .

Technically, noting that Zowi was developed from four servo motors Futaba created by the company accompanied by a series of sensors which, among other things, enable Bluetooth connectivity, microphone, LED matrix of 5 × 6 to display messages such as “states mood “, three fully programmable physical buttons or a large battery of 4040 mAh, the company is able to offer a range of up to 8 hours in a normal or moderate use.

If you are interested in becoming a unit with BQ Zowi just let you know that the company is scheduled to launch in mid to late November.