Laptop for gamers: MSI GE620 DX

If you’re lovers of so-called “PC Gamers”, this new creation of MSI is ideal for you, or at least if you’re not too pretentious on your laptop. While some experts say this laptop has characteristics that are inherent in a video game designed for, we tell you what it is to help you make your own conclusions.

Laptop for gamers MSI GE620 DX
The specifications “inappropriate”:

15.6-inch screen (somewhat large, accustomed to 9 or 10 inches).

Resolution of 1366 X 768 pixels (low compared to other PC Gamers)

Other features

Among the positive aspects of this MSI GE260 DX, we can highlight:

Intel Core i7 – 2630 QM (one of the most powerful quad-core between Intel).

NVidia GT 555m , good for a laptop.

Traditional Hard-Disk (up to 750 GB capacity).

USB 3.0 Ports

Wi-fi connection 802.11 b / g / n

HDMI Output

ESATA Connectivity

Audio System- THX Tru Studio Pro

In view of the technical characteristics, as a result gives us a very good PC is the internal terms, but with significant shortcomings in relation to the external parts, mainly for the screen and resolution, too less for a laptop used to play.

The MSI GE 260 DX failed at that point, but can be used perfectly for conventional video games and those who play well, use it for other activities like working, reading, surfing and so on.

Price and launch

From the headquarters of MSI, as well as from the official website of the company is not reported even the release date for this model.

As for the price, not officially confirmed, it is estimated to be around a thousand euros, when compared with other devices.


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