Kodak Touch technology

One of the company’s number one picture of the world has just launched its new EasyShare cameras M5370 and M5350 Touch and updates its digital kiosks.


These items are offered by Kodak in an edition devoted to the touch technology and linked to the social networks Facebook and Twitter mainly. With this multifunction, the users can capture, share and use their memories and special moments in a different way.

These Kodak digital kiosks, which can be found in any developing store of pictures, now offer a different experience. With the help of social networks connecting more people achieve with photos, so you can print and save as a souvenir.

To make a very good gift for Christmas, it’s ideal. Kodak allows you to create albums, video with pictures, calendars, frames, cards and customize each image to our liking.

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Users have two options to download photos to the Kodak kiosk: one is through Facebook and the second from an application on the phone, called the Kodak Gallery.

With these tools you can express so get photos and even download them to a DVD format strip film or images. We can also add music, effects, etc..

Turning to the cameras, the company has launched two new models. The first is the M5350, small with digital optical zoom of 5x, it records video, 2.7-inch touchscreen LCD and shutter speed of 1 / 1600 to 8 seconds.

Another new feature is the camera M5370 with touch technology, 3-inch LCD screen, 16 megapixel CCD sensor, 5x zoom, brightness and automatic scene modes for taking pictures.


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