Ivee, voice controlled alarm clock

Ivee is one of the featured products of this CES 2012. This is an alarm clock that control directly using your voice. It was time that inventions like Siri iPhone 4s, emerged as an alarm clock that responds well to voice commands, as Ivee. The alarm has FM radio, responds to 40 voice commands, has six alarms and has a blue LED light.

Ivee, voice controlled alarm clock

Ivee is like having a personal assistant on the nightstand. The company behind the invention, Interactive Voice Inc., would have us waking up easier with this watch. Ivee can give you all details: not only time but also tells you how long ago or the current date, you just have to ask. The alarm has connections for your mp3 player or iPod (music offers more options and is not limited to the radio).

The highlight of Ivee is that voice recognition will be effective from the first minute, requires no special “training”. It is available at the moment only in North America, for a price of $ 59.95.


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