iPod, iPhone or iPad: Best free apps for woman

The technology is everywhere and provides us with tools for things before or imagined. With the phone, music player or tablet it can be aware of what is happening everywhere and even to access interactive activities that enhance our quality of life, personal image or add valuable information in our interests.

iPod, iPhone or iPadBest free apps for woman

In this sense the brand Apple synonymous with trend in the world of technology, presents a series of applications easy to download for your iPod, iPhone or iPad designed according to the style, timing and need for each woman.

For athletes

Five Minute Ab Workout HD offers a five-minutes of exercises abs to get a flat stomach, you can make even the busiest women. More than a hundred sessions with 19 exercises with clear instructions and different in 3D animations for each.

iPod, iPhone or iPadBest free apps for woman

Virtual Trainer is ideal for those who want to train, lose weight and build muscle. Designed with doctors, physiotherapists and personal trainers, the virtual trainer includes over 250 exercises and 120 routines ranging from 6 to 60 minutes. All exercises contain easy to follow instructions, a list of the muscles are working and large photographs and clear.

iPod, iPhone or iPadBest free apps for woman

For Fashionist

Look-Barry M, is the essential application to look amazing every day. This is a series of video tutorials created by Barry M Cosmetics that guide when makeup for the day, a celebration or go to the disco, among others. With the participation of experts showing how makeup artists achieve the look of celebrities. It also offers news and new trends in world fashion. Ideal for use as make-up and follow you step by step also helps to achieve new skills and techniques when it comes to being beautiful.

Stylish Gir l, is the latest released on NY Fashion Week. An application to build looks rummaging through the closets of their own brands and seeing the clothes that you like. It also gives the opportunity to buy on line, view catalogs, share information with friends and be inspired by new ideas, but above all to create your own combinations to fashion from head to toe.

For new mothers

Your Pregnancy Week by Week Lite, is a practical guide organized by weeks explaining the changes that the mother and child experience during the nine months of pregnancy. Just enter basic data pregnancy, and every time you activate the application, you will know which week it is, how is the baby at the time and date of delivery.

Cry Translator is a translator of crying in ten seconds to analyze the crying baby and translates to five common situations: hungry, sleepy, is uncomfortable, stressed or bored. Suggests how calm and includes links to videos to help you get to stop to mourn.

For stressed women

YOGA is the application that indicates how to start a regular practice of yoga and exercise. With the record improves flexibility, muscle tone and overall fitness. In addition, it aims to achieve a balance between body and spirit to enjoy a healthier life and less stressful. YOGA and the app was tested by over 1,000,000 people, has about 200 positions with detailed instructions and photos. It is organized by levels, so that you can follow the plan given by an experienced yogi or build your own training adjusting to the needs and possibilities. It also has instructions for voice and melodies soothing to focus and let go.

Breathing Zone teaches an exercise in breathing that allows simple and effective in five minutes to start enjoying the relaxation deep and all the benefits of slow breathing. All you have to do is breathe in and follow the instructions given a voice. The method has been recommended by Harvard Medical School and can be deployed in any situation.

iPod, iPhone or iPadBest free apps for woman

For chefs and foodies

Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List provides access to over 50,000 recipes created by the most renowned chefs from around the world. The selection includes not only traditional dishes, but also recipes for special occasions or special dates. Furthermore, this app has a search engine that allows you to find a particular dish just by typing the name. You can also browse recipes from their ingredients.

Whole Foods Market Recipes is the ideal application for mothers who want to cook healthy food. It offers vegetarian, organic, gluten free and low-calorie recipes along with nutritional information for each dish and the cooking is just a click (or touch) the personal device.

The possibilities are endless and offer a wide range according to each type of woman, and favorite activities. All applications are free, are available for iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad and downloaded from the store iTunes.


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