Smartphone Comparison: iPhone 5 vs HTC One X (Part-II)

smartphone comparison between iPhone 5 of Apple and HTC One X

Smartphone Comparison: Multimedia and Camera

Again, light and shadow. The iPhone 5 does not change as far as media playback is concerned. Everything must go through iTunes, so that the entire library is limited to requiring the program management-bridge. You can play back standard as MP3, AVI or AAC, but it can only recognize those that are compatible with iTunes, unless you resort to converters and compromise. With the HTC One X opens the fork more. With this team we can play almost all audio and video files that we want, even HD formats in container Matryoshka – MKV – by exploiting the full potential of its huge screen.

smartphone comparison between iPhone 5 of Apple and HTC One X

As for the camera, you met a couple of excellent units. The iPhone 5 has a Sony sensor, capable of capturing images up to eight megapixels and FullHD quality videos. Outfit sapphire crystal lens and has a controller that makes it possible to shoot at high speed and a panoramic capture function yielding results of 28 megapixels. In said photographic recording speed the HTC One X is not inferior, showing further another feature that is also present in the subsequent iPhone 5: the capturing images during video recording. Also, the HTC One X can shoot with a maximum resolution of eight megapixels, could also filming on FullHD.

Smartphone Comparison: Processor, memory and system

It gets tricky at this point. What we face in these HTC One X and iPhone 5 are two very different chips. The first, the NVIDIA Tegra 3 and the second, the A6 for Apple, one based on an architecture of four cores with a clock frequency of 1.5 GHz, the other a dual-core 1.3 GHz. Are there differences between the two? In principle, yes. Not only in the nature of the processor, but the way in which the operation is integrated in the system. The iPhone 5 delivers performance-matched second only, at most, by the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, the HTC One X is fast.

On the other hand, the devices are matched in RAM memory: one GB each. It is in memory options dedicated to storage where these teams far. While the HTC One X is available in a unique option of 32 GB, the iPhone 5 is available from versions 16, 32 and 64 GB. Neither allows external drives expansion with microSD.

smartphone comparison between iPhone 5 of Apple and HTC One X

Regarding the system, you ran into two of the reference systems and the undisputed kings in terms of supported applications. While iOS 6 already exceeds the 700,000 apps in its online store, Android is still slightly below that limit in Google Play, its showcase online applications. The HTC One X goes on sale with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. It is the latest version of the platform, but in the middle of October this will be updated with the newest green robot, Android 1.4 Jelly Bean. The iPhone 5 itself that comes with the latest edition of your system, but it is experiencing a number of problems that have earned over a dispute, especially dedicated to its new application of maps or the fact that very few utilities available for this platform squeeze the new format of the device screen, throwing a pair of unsightly black bars at the edges of the screen.

Smartphone Comparison: Autonomy

It is difficult to say exactly this section, since HTC does not give official data battery life of 1800 milliamps. The iPhone 5, meanwhile, could support a theoretical index intensive eight hours, still above the 200 hours standby. In practical terms the results of both will vary on the type of use given to these devices, depending on how teams employ browsing Internet using Wi-Fi or 3G, using the media player or using calling features.

Smartphone Comparison: Reviews

With permission from the high-end Samsung pointers, you came across the reference segment against Android Apple’s newest. Once saved the characteristics that drive fans of both lean platform for each device, consider several points. If you want a large format phone, the HTC One X should be your choice. His panel is very comfortable 4.7 inches, although its length. However, as you are for smaller hands, you have to use the terminal as the sword of Conan: two hands.

Not so with the iPhone 5, but on the contrary, his panel is perhaps too long, and they are not adapted to all applications, there will be an effective use of its four inches. HTC One X design is very attractive, than the Apple mobile, but both have severe drawbacks. The first is a treatment that provides a soft touch too, and no wonder that we suffer a scare when sliding pocket to sit or hands to manipulate, the second is based on a type of aluminum that is very sensitive to scratches.