Internal analysis of the BlackBerry Bold 9900

Internal analysis of the BlackBerry Bold 9900

This phone is one of the first embodying the BB OS 7 system, the latest version of the operating system adapted and evolved to the touch screen, which incorporates improvements and is more efficient to previous versions.
Internal analysis of the BlackBerry Bold 9900
The hardware includes a BB 9900 to 1.2 Ghz processor and 768 MB RAM. It also includes the NFC.
BB 0S 7 interface takes all the awards, because it is much more spaced, a must for a touch screen as the model 9900.
Just for instance: the social network Twitter has more space between the buttons above, perfecto to use your fingers instead of the optical track pad.
But also the case with other windows, as principal menu: the main icons are larger and have more space between them, so do not open when you press another application.
They have other minor changes, like the option to turn off or put on standby telédono if we press the red button.
However, other aspects are similar to previous BB: Same estrucutra on the main screens, the same system of menus and configuration options, the same list of applications on the bottom and the same keyboard shortcuts with the Treasury.
The BlackBerry 9900 combines on one hand the physical QWERTY keyboard, which for some has become a thing of the past and the other functions of a touch screen all in one device.
This merger will have achieved a very good way and to understand more, BlackBerry does not stop creating phones keypad to keep the entire feature that sets it apart from other brands, though a little dabbling in the world will continue to touch.

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