Intel’s Haswell Tablets Have A Battery Life Of 10 Hours

Future Microsoft Surface Pro tablet with Intel’s new Haswell processor will have a battery life of 10 hours. This is comparable to current ARM devices.

Within the next few weeks Microsoft Surface Pro tablet will appear around the world. With this device, Microsoft provides you with the hardware of current Ultrabooks, packed in a tablet. This way you can also use computationally intensive programs such as Photoshop without problems on the Surface Pro. However, a disadvantage of the powerful hardware is the battery life, which is based on usage between 4 and 6 hours. With the new generation Intel Haswell however this is about to change.

Within the next few weeks <strong>Microsoft Surface Pro tablet</strong> will appear around the world. With this device, Microsoft provides you with the hardware of current Ultrabooks” width=”448″ height=”298″ class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-7248″ /></p>
<p>Mat from Engadget was able to once again look at the North Cape, at a meeting with Intel Ultrabook hybrid tablet, which you have already seen at CeBIT (see picture above). He could not even turn on the device, according to Intel, is the battery life of such tablets will long up to 10 hours – without a keyboard dock. The latter will increase the running time by a further 3 hours. If the information from Intel are right, the powerful Haswell tablets will have a similarly long battery life as current ARM or nuclear devices.</p>
<p>In the <strong>North Cape of Intel project</strong> is a prototype that is as probably never come to market. Intel wants the device to show only the <a href=future of Ultrabooks and the manufacturers specify the right direction. Intel plans that future Ultrabooks are all equipped with a touch screen and can be changed by any mechanism in a convertible tablet. Be it. Due to the rotation of the display, or quite classic with a detachable keyboard dock.


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