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Intel studyBook a tablet for students

How many times have you heard about how bad it is for the health of the back of the kids for the burden of textbooks in backpacks? But new technologies can be the alternative of heavy backpacks. An example is the recently introduced Intel Studybook, a tablet aimed at school children that could become the replacement for textbooks very soon, if it makes it to consolidate.

Intel studyBook a tablet for students

This is a 7-inch tablet that could run on both Windows and Android, and that would be priced less than $ 200. And because it is designed especially for children, and with them you know, also has a resistance to withstand drops of up to 70 meters.

Of course obviously not good to have tablets in schools and then not going to be specialized content for education. Intel therefore complements the launch of this project an educational offer consists of programs related to different courses and ebooks, which will be installed by default in the 32 GB of internal memory that make this tablet unique designed for kids.

In addition to engaging in an educational project (which is always very well regarded) Intel get through this tablet an excellent presentation for its Atom processors, as well as to present serious X86 architecture in a market, that of the tablets, which today is completely dominated by the ARM.

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